Tired of bloated prices for underwhelming design and video marketing services?

If you can’t justify spending 10’s of thousands of dollars on having a tight, well-designed online presence, then Internet Video Marketing is the right company for you.

We take your firm’s marketing to the next level, and beyond.

From best practices in Video Marketing, to Web Design, and Email Marketing to Lead Generation, IVM can help you compete with bigger firms in the digital landscape.

Design Solutions

Why pay full-time marketing people to maintain you online presence, when for a fraction of the cost, you can get even better results?

  • Website Design or Re-Design
  • Print Design
  • Firm Branding
  • (Video) Blogging
  • Email Marketing Design
  • Social Media Mgmt

We can establish or re-design your online presence, so you get the respect you deserve from your potential clients and competition.

Custom Video Solutions

Clients WILL find the information they’re looking for. Will they find it from you though? Don’t be the last lawyer on YouTube. With us, you get:

  • Professional Lighting
  • Recorded in 4k, Output in HD (minimum)
  • Teleprompter Assists w/ Script
  • Branded 3D Motion Graphics
  • FB & YT Native Video Format
  • Scalable Package Prices

The majority of all legal advice searches are on YouTube. IVM helps you take control of your online presence. Prove that you know your stuff.

Lead Generation

There are dozens of companies out there that will sell you leads – and it’s up to you to convert them – and we don’t want to compete with them.

  • 2-Hour Strategy Session
  • 1-3 Landing Page Designs
  • 1-3 FAQ Videos
  • Social/Google Research
  • Competitive Landscape Report
  • Content Strategy

We design and place ads, and create landing pages that funnel traffic to the right information, delivered by you.

The Finished Product is All that Matters

Here’s How We Get You There


Because eliminating competition matters.

When we started our company, one of our clients said to us, “Okay, so if I buy stock video from you, what’s to prevent another attorney in my specialty, in my city, from buying the same videos? We’ll look like we’re working together? Or worse yet, it will look like we’ve both taken the same shortcut in our marketing by buying stock video?” Good question. Geographic Monopoly packages are available, and based on:

  • Size of Radius required
  • Population Density based on census data
  • Number of Videos Produced
  • Complexity of Subject Matter