W e see other companies doing it wrong, and so we’ve taken a different tack. Here are 4 things that separate us from the amateurs.

1. The Myth of the Short Attention Span.
We’ve seen other companies that do video marketing insist upon keeping the messages short – less than a minute. By the time the snappy intro is over and they’ve introduced themselves, 20 seconds has passed and the meat of the message is only about 30 seconds long, and doesn’t give a lot of context. We think that when people are making a big decision on whether or not to sue an employer, divorce their husband or press charges, they’re a bit more willing to pay attention for a while and give you a chance to explain the full scope of their rights, right?

2. Cheesy Blue Background
Other providers want to make you look like you’ve just had your photo taken at JC Penny, and that you’re looking off camera. We are film makers and marketers, so we pay a little closer attention to detail and use a teleprompter, so you don’t look like a 7 year old who’s about to tell a lie to a teacher.

3. Bad or No Professional Lighting?
The use of external, well-balanced lighting is usually the different between what looks professional, and what looks totally amateur. Unless a client insists, we stay away from using the sun as a light source. It’s okay for your video blog on artisanal homemade ice cream, but not for your firm’s marketing.

4. Ambien-Like Explanations
We can’t make you be engaging, but we’re not trying to put your viewers to sleep either. We help you craft messages that tell stories and follow the science of virality. Think “STEPS”.

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